Dr. Nam Hoon Cho is a professor of the Department of Pathology in Yonsei University College of Medicine, and affiliated in the Dept of Biomedical Science in Yonsei University Health System.

The lab has been working on molecular pathology, gynecology and urology, specifically HPV carcinogenesis. They are now known for its discoveries of the cancer stem cell-enriched tumor interface zone where local invasion of cancer is active.

Since then, they are focusing on tumor microenvironment associated with cancer invasion and metastasis.

This website will provide information about the ongoing research in the laboratory, a list of publications, education files for those who are interested in TME and pathology, a list of lab personnel, and pictures of the members of the lab.

To learn more about our laboratory, please visit the research page and feel free to contact Dr. Cho directly by addressing an email to cho1988@yuhs.ac 

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