Pathology in TME Issue

Matrix(stroma) is included in your study? 

  • Cell-cell interaction/cell-matrix interaction/integral TME
  • 75% quantity
  • Mechanical stiffness manisfested as desmoplasia vs. fibrosis vs. elastosis? Hypoxic survival-related changes? 
  • Edema or myxoid degeneration by activated MMP prior to neovascularization? 

Peri/intratumoral inflammatory TME?

  • chemo/cytokine by TAM ½ 
  • Double-edged sword for tumor/friend or foe?  

Invasion onset biomarker

  • For very early onset of microinvasion? lymphovascular invasion implicaiton? 

Metastasis plasticity-differentiation? Molecular similarity?

  • Lastency/dormancy? CTC? Colonization?    

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