Joo Hyun Lee


Joo Hyun Lee
Master student

I. Research Interest

Contribution to the targeted therapy of breast cancer

  •  To solve the tolerance of cancer in established cancer treatment, discover the personal target therapeutic agents 
  • In triple negative breast cancers, verify the possibility of treating metastatic inhibitors and high efficiency of applying the antibody alone or merge format.
  •  Construct the tailored treatment paradigm 

Contribute to the treatment algorithm of patients with breast cancer

  •  The goal is to discover the final clinical predictor that applies to the establishment of future treatment algorithm

▶ Although this project has been limited to research such target molecule that is directly    related to breast cancer, invasion and metastasis could be occurred by the same mechanisms as other types of cancer.
Such experimental techniques to analyze several unique changes in gene expression would be directly applicable to the development of targeted therapies for the other types of tumor.

Joo Hyun Lee_01
Joo Hyun Lee_02


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